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The Benefits of Having a Vacation Home in Newport    by Roy Dawson

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As the concept of time away from work or "vacations" began to take hold, first on the upper classes and finally reaching the middle classes during the 1950's, so did the concept of "vacation homes." A first vacation homes were only an option for the exceptionally wealthy, but when disposable income levels increased after WWII more and more individuals found that not only could they take vacations, but they could afford a vacation home.

What Constitutes a Vacation Home?

The entire concept of a "vacation" is to get away from the stresses and pressures of everyday life. While some individuals enjoy variety and prefer to take their vacations in different places every time they go, most individuals find an area in which they truly feel relaxed and come back year after year. For those individuals who find the idea vacation spot, the concept of a vacation home makes perfect sense.

Why Purchase a Vacation Home in Newport?

There are some places that seem made for vacations; places where the entire atmosphere encourages you to kick back and relax. Newport, Rhode Island is just such a place. From its spectacular coastal scenery to its wide range of water sports and outdoor activities, Newport and its surrounding areas seems designed for those who wish to get away from it all.

Once a major port city, Newport, Rhode Island is located about thirty miles south of Providence and is located on Aquidneck Island in the scenic Narragansett Bay. The area in and around Newport was originally home to two Indian tribes; the Narragansett, who occupied the western side of the bay, and the Wampanoag, who had settled on the western side of the bay.

The city of Newport was founded in 1639 by a group of eight individuals and quickly became home to a wide variety of individuals interested in religious and economic freedom. Today Newport is known as the New England summer resort town which draws vacationers from as far away as New York, NY, Boston, MA and Hartford, CT, as well as tourists from all over the US who come for the shopping and to see the famous Newport Mansions.

While the city of Newport provides sufficient nightlife and cultural activities in the form of plays, concerts and festivals, the countryside surrounding the city appeals too many for its sheer peacefulness and beauty.

Whether you are into swimming, boating or other water sports, the Narragansett Bay provides miles of beaches and plenty of marinas. If you enjoy horseback riding, there are any number of stables available at which you can rent horses or stable your own. The countryside surrounding Newport is ideal for those who enjoy getting back to nature through camping or hiking, and for those who like more refined sports, there are plenty of clubs where things like tennis and golf can be found.

You Can Have it All

If the thought of owning a vacation home in historic New England sounds enticing to you, and if Newport, RI sounds like a place that you could easily spend time, then you may want to consider purchasing a vacation home in the Newport area. One option would be to consider owning a vacation home in a privately owned sports club such as The Carnegie Abbey Club in Portsmouth, RI.

Located just six miles outside of Newport, the Carnegie Abbey Club is considered the finest sporting club in the nation and offers not only exceptional sporting facilities such as a Scottish-links golf course, stables and marina, but condominiums with ocean views as well as waterfront cottages and estate homes all located within a gated community and within easy distance of the Club's venues.

A decided advantage to choosing to purchase a summer home at a club like the Carnegie Abbey Club is that you have everything you need for your restful and relaxing vacation right at your fingertips. But rest assured that whether you choose a private community such as the Carnegie Abbey Club or a traditional vacation home somewhere else on the Island, know that your choice of location will be one of the best things you could do to ensure that you and your family have the chance to truly refresh yourselves in the beautiful Narragansett Bay area.