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Safeguard Your Investment. Ensure That Your Vacation Property Is Properly Insured With The Proper Cottage Insurance Policy    by Ben Treban

in Health    (submitted 2011-09-09)

Being able to own an perfect cottage in the woods, or on a remote lake somewhere, is a dream which many of us have. A cottage is somewhere you can escape the gridlock of the urban centres and just relax, a place where you can see the stars at night, a place where your kids can build brilliant memories that will last them a lifetime. For those men and women fortunate enough to realize this dream, a cottage often is a major investment. As with all major investments, it's only sensible to ensure that it's properly insured, as best you can, against anything which is likely to happen to it.

There are different types of cottage insurance policies on the market, and they cover the various ways which people typically use their cottage properties.

##Seasonal Policies

These policies are meant for cottage properties that are only used on a seasonal basis. Obviously many Canadian cottages get closed up over the winter, and seasonal policies are written to recognize the seasonal nature of their use.

##Secondary Insurance Policies

Some of us are lucky enough to be able to make use of our cottages year round. Indeed it's a common dream of many of us to one day retire and live out our final years at our cottage property year round. These cottage insurance policies are much closer to regular home insurance, but they still take into account the nature, location, and hazards faced by a typical cottage property.

##Rental Insurance Policies

A common way which many individuals are actually able to afford their cottage is to rent it out for part of the season in order to squeeze and income out of it. Rental policies not only recognize the cottage property as a source of income but also help protect against liability claims if a renter is injured while using the property.

##Builders Insurance Policies

If you have bought a lot and are planning to build your dream cottage, a builder policy can help safeguard against mishaps which can happen during the process. It is a shame to have a cottage property held up, only half-built, perhaps unnecessarily losing a season, due to an unanticipated circumstance which might have been insured against.

If you're looking for cottage insurance, Canada has many superb providers you can choose from. If you live in Ontario, simple go online and Google "cottage insurance Ontario" and assess the websites that come up. If you have achieved your dream of a cottage property, take care to insure it so that nothing ends up standing between you and your sought after view of the lake.