Orlando Vacation Home Ownership

So you have selected an area Orlando entertainment capital of the world and home to Mickey Mouse and all his friends. First thing is to contact some realtors to show you around some properties. You should look for communities which are centrally located with easy access to all that Orlando has to offer and which welcome homeowners renting out their properties on the short term to holidaymakers.

Better quality furnishings last longer

Having chosen and bought your perfect property abroad, you must then (if it is a brand newly built house) turn your thoughts to furnishing it throughout. You would be well advised to stay neutral and select colours and styles, which will not go out of date too quickly and easily. Also it is not the best idea to pick any hues that are too outlandish or purely to suit your own personal taste. You wish your Orlando vacation villa to appeal to the broadest spectrum possible to ensure interest and repeat bookings for your vacation home, thus turning it into a profitable business venture.

With regards to furniture for the home, the cheapest may not always be the best in the long run. If the furniture is so cheap that it does not last and needs to be replaced regularly then this could prove to be a false economy. You may get longer life out of a slightly higher priced set of furniture.

Be careful when choosing a management company

You will need to turn your thoughts to some form of caretaker or management firm to look after your investment in your absence. Never just settle for the first or only one you speak to. Contact several as their styles (and prices) vary. These people will represent you if you do not live locally so they must be someone you can get along with and trust to look after your vacation rental villa in the manner you would like and expect.

Beware guaranteed rentals

Naturally a burning question on homeowner 's lips concerns bookings. A word of warning: - beware companies who "promise" you a set number of "guaranteed" bookings per annum. This promise is rarely upheld. Also do not rely heavily on family and friends to rent your Orlando vacation villa. The reality is whilst they may seem willing, extended family often look for a bargain and a reduced rental rate from the one you advertise and as you set up your new venture in the vacation rental market you are aiming to achieve maximum exposure in order to optimise your rental potential.

Finally, you want to do all you can to promote your Orlando vacation villa. You can do this through word of mouth, good photographs of your home, a website, advertising and subscribing to websites which display vacation rental properties to those wishing to rent a home in the sun.