Is an Orlando Florida Vacation Home Financially Attainable for you

As the weather turns from the soft tones of fall to the harsh cold reality of winter, many people in the North and Northeast start dreaming of that vacation home in Orlando Florida. We have all dreamt of retiring to a more temperate area, or of owning that vacation home that the whole family can enjoy, from the golf enthusiasts to the kids (or kids at heart), but the financial burden of a vacation home can be to much for most of us, so we continue to dream, not realizing that thousand of people own vacation homes in Kissimmee and Orlando, Florida that cost them less than a car payment.

With 55 million tourists a year visiting Orlando Florida a booming vacation rental market has spurred huge growth in housing in the Disney™ area, and with rental guarantee programs funded by large British tour operators, many people have found that by renting their home out when they are not enjoying it can help offset or some cases completely wipe out vacation home running costs and mortgage.

Typically 3 separate variables affect your ability to offset you vacation home costs according to Denis Neal of Orlando Homes Worldwide.

1. Location, location, location. Just because your Orlando vacation home is in sunny Florida doesn 't mean the basic rule of Real Estate doesn 't apply. Proximity to Disney™ is king, and although there are some great deals on those properties 35 or 40 minutes away from the Orlando attractions, the decreased rental revenue will make that "affordable" vacation home more expensive to run.