Get The Most From Your Vacation Property

Many of us already pay a fee of one or more of the large rental portals that are out there on the Internet.

Although expensive, especially if you the list properties on several of them, they remain a good investment, since many of these control the search engines first 1 or 2 pages, and are likely to employ someone full time to carry out their SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

However in recent times even these sites are struggling to attract the number of visitors many owners rely on to generate enough revenue to maintain the running costs of the property.

So, how can you be sure to get the most out of your vacation property?

Communication is key. Being the first to the answer is important; you are probably one of many the visitor has contacted. Most inquiries come via email so ensure you can access the e-mail accounts you use for your ad at any time. If it is a Hotmail account and your employers block access. you may miss out on making reservations.

Responding quickly, is not the only thing to consider here, the content of your response and the way you address the inquiry will also play an important role in whether a person chooses to make a reservation with you. In most cases the visitor has one or more questions they want answering. Make sure you give as much information as possible, make a point to provide more than is required and visualize yourself as them. What would be the next question you 'd ask in response?

Unfortunately the conversion of 100% of the visitors to bookings is not always possible, and in some circumstances you may not be able to offer everything they wish for. It could be a heated swimming pool for example. This is where networking can help.

Building a network with other owners in or around the area your property is situated can be a key tool to helping generate additional bookings and repeat business. When you find you can not help someone then pass their inquiry to someone in your network. You will find that the favor will be returned on several occasions and that the person will book with you again in future.

Availability is another point to remember. Listing your property on an advertising website is great, but if you forget to update the calendar, two things can happen. First you will continue to receive inquiries that you cannot take due to existing bookings. Secondly it can be seen as negative if no reservations, people may assume that there is a reason people do not want to stay on your property.

If you advertising on such sites, make sure you are showing the property in the best possible light.

There are two important things to consider here, pictures and USP 's (unique selling points)

Why is your property so fantastic? What makes it stand out from others in the local area?

Take the time to consider, why you bought that property in the first place. What sold it to you? Then think about what the majority of people who will rent it are looking for. Develop a list of 10 selling points and be sure to include these with your ad.

Don 't just assume others will know what these are, unless they have stayed at your property before it is unlikely they will know. Do not be afraid to flaunt them, or repeat yourself in several parts of the ad.

Not everyone reads an advert from top to bottom. Many select the most relevant to them, whether it 's outdoor facilities or maybe the local area.

Photos are also a key part in helping others visualize themselves staying in your property. Personally I recommend hiring a professional photographer. Despite the expense it will bear fruit inthe long term.

However, if you 're on a budget, most standard digital cameras offer good image resolution, meaning taking pictures yourself is a good option and there are still some things you can do to improve them.

Make use of light in nature. Open all blinds and curtains and take pictures at a time of day when the room receives natural light.

Dress of the room, if you are taking pictures of the dining room or balcony, then set the table, or place a decorative fruit bowl or vase in the center. Even an unopened bottle of wine and glasses will help others to visualize sitting there enjoying a relaxing drink.