Costa Rica Vacation Home Rental Or Property Ownership Made Easy And Reasonably Priced

With the down turn of the economy many coastal developers and realtors have left the coast for the cheaper interior of Costa Rica. The South Pacific zone of Costa Rica is mountainous and lush with vegetation providing endless opportunity for home builders and vacation renters.

"It is a known fact that many people would like to purchase property in Costa Rica but one of their primary concerns is what happens while the place is empty, the second concern is how do I promote my property so it can generate revenue" - says Tierra Verde land developer Michael Holm.

The private secure development Tierra Verde will provide homeowners with worry free piece of mind. People who purchase a home in Tierra Verde as a future retirement home can have their home marketed free of charge on the Costa Rica vacation home rental market for possible revenue generation. People who buy a home in Tierra Verde to live in can live securely and in privacy.

Michael Holm has been developing North American standard homes in Costa Rica for 15 years. While building homes on the coast near Dominical he purchased land in the mountains outside San Isidro de General with the dream of getting out of the custom home building market to develop his idea of a real Costa Rica vacation/retirement community.

Due to the hilly geography of the area each home is built with what is called a daylight garage, basically the area under the house, which extrudes from the hill and is supported by concrete pillars. Michael was always amazed at how many builders would leave this area of their homes unfinished. Each home has an indoor laundry room, central hot water, and a garberator. All fixtures are to North American standards, the homes are built with an open floor plan concept and completely landscaped with privacy in mind.

The Costa Rica South Pacific property development and management provided by Tierra Verde begins once a home is purchased. They will, keep a watchful eye on any residence, address gardening needs, maintenance requirements, facilitate meet and greet services to renters when arriving, and provide owners with the comfort of knowing their investment is being cared for.

The development is the dream of a retired Amreican developer who lives on site making the place well secured and very well maintained. The landscaping skills of Mike's wife is amazing and everyone is very impressed who sees the place.

The city of San Isidro is complete in all North Amreican ways except it still has a small country town atmosphere about it. It is the gateway to the southern region of Costa Rica and is a must see for any traveler visiting the beautiful country of Costa Rica.

The development Tierra Verde is like a gated community without the obstruction of the fence, Michael has surrounded the development with a natural fence of live vegetation which is very hard to get through.

The main mind set of Michael is to return the land to a natural Costa Rica vegetation state so he has spent much time and money reforesting the place, you could say it is an eco community with the natural environment of Costa Rica a primary focus.