Come enjoy this new, spacious vacation home on Guana Cay, Abacos, Bahamas. Rum Front is located at the edge of the settlement with access to both the Sea of Abaco and the sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Nippers, Dolphin Beach Resort and other island gathering spots are nearby and only a short walk away.

Your vacation home has three large bedrooms (2 with queen beds and 1 with two twin beds), two baths, a fully equipped kitchen with microwave and dishwasher, and an entertainment center featuring a radio/cd/cassett player, satellite TV, VCR, and VHF radio. In addition, an outdoor BBQ, telephone, washer and dryer add to your comfort. Each room is air conditioned, and has ceiling fans and cross-ventilation.

The screened porch provides a bird's eye view of the island activities and the main street in town. Spend evenings sitting on the porch meeting and greeting passers-by.

Smoking is not permitted inside the house, but the porches are available for smoking

Spend your vacation on this somewhat laid back island, where many of the streets have no names and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Artificial Grass For Vacation Properties

The strong and popular appeal for artificial grass has increased to different types of properties over the years, one of them being vacation houses and properties. For many, a vacation house is a paradise in and of itself - a nice getaway from the home you know from your day-to-day. Thus, there is a strong importance placed on maintaining a home-away-from-home or vacation property. Whether it be once a month or once a year, it is essential that each time you put your property to use, it has been well taken care of. Aside from the house itself, it is also important that the grounds are maintained, including the front and back yard areas.

Artificial grass is the most ideal surface for front and back lawns in vacation properties. This is because it is very low maintenance. When you are unable to stay consistent with upkeep at a vacation home, having a synthetic grass yard is simple and easy. Once it is installed, it requires very little maintenance while still looking and feeling beautiful for several years. The great thing about synthetic grass is that it can be installed in all types of yards, no matter the shape or size. Thus, artificial grass is a product that can be used for vacation properties of all kinds.

Assured Tranquility Throughout A Holiday

A wonderful vacation rental grants holidaymakers to enjoy a memorable excursion at a vacation destination. Tourists can opt holiday house owners if they aspire to obtain a relaxed and soothing expedition of their desires through a property. Holiday-makers are always ever-ready to hire it straight from the vacation proprietors so they can please their conscience. Flats are equipped of inventive granite and lumber design and most of the times have a certain country sense about them. These cottages provide a relaxed and reserved atmosphere to the holiday-makers of the excellent. The holiday inns come weighty on the pocket so vacationers can grasp one of these apartments on discounted rates from the owners.

Bad Press Not Oil Threatening

Bad Press, Not Oil, Threatening Emerald Coast Vacation Properties   by Karrie Rose

in Real Estate / Property Management    (submitted 2010-05-20)

It appears as though media-hype is tainting the pristine beaches of Florida's Emerald Coast long before any landfall of oil. If the oil slick does reach NW Florida, which authorities are still unable to predict, the effects on the tourism industry will be nothing less than devastating. Unfortunately, for those with rental properties, apprehensive tourists are succumbing to media reports that Florida's beaches will be destroyed and they are cancelling their trips to the area. As one tourism operator puts it, "Right now the only disaster in Pensacola has been the bad PR that we've got".

Basic Tips For Preparing A Vacation

A vacation home is a second home where a person lives alone or with his family or friends while he is on vacation. If a person is letting his second home to another person, then he must ensure to draft a vacation rent agreement which is to be signed by both the parties: - Owner and lessee.

Over the years, developers and builders have taken advantage of edifying and letting out the vacation property which has become popular in recent years. Vacation rent agreement is a written contract. There are some vital clauses or tips to be considered essential for the drafting of vacation rent agreement, mentioned below as follows:-

The terms of payment or vacation property rentals must be clear and specific between both the parties. There must be a clause related to the security deposited by the tenants, if any. Check in and check out times must be mentioned. Clause related to occupancy must be specific and negotiable. A tenant must ensure in an agreement that he will take proper care of property, furniture and appliances related to that property. He must ensure that he will be responsible for any destruction or modification caused by him for his benefit or otherwise. He also must ensure that the trash will be removed by him properly and he will keep the property neat and clean. A tenant must ensure that the proper security of home is in his hands. A tenant must ensure that he has locked the gate or door when away. An attorney must be considered for the review of the rent agreement and an agreement must contain all the requisite and necessary clauses and issues for the protection of a property. An agreement must comply with the local and state government regulations.

Benefits of Owning Vacation Property

Compared to many European nations, American workers spend more time at work and less time relaxing on vacation. Lack of adequate vacation time may lead to long-term stress, burnout, and lack of motivation at work. As a result, many people attempt to make vacationing at least once a year an important priority to maintain proper mental health.

Popular vacation choices are cruises, trips to historic or scenic landmarks, and getaways to places that provide entertainment and relaxation. Although hotels and resorts are still very popular choices for people looking to stay away from home, many people opt to purchase vacation property.

There are many benefits to owning vacation property if you are in a stable financial situation. Popular choices include condominiums, homes, lake houses, cabins, and timeshares. The selection often depends on the location of the home, the type of recreation surrounding the land, frequency of visits, and the owner's budget.

Bp Recovery Fund Czar

With much of the income from vacation rentals rolling in in the Summer, it has been a rather disappointing few months for the many vacation property owners within the Florida region. Many have found themselves taking substantial losses and with the BP Deepwater disaster still spilling down the gulf, there looks like little respite in regards of a lack in bookings.

Keith Feinberg, the man appointed by president Obama as the pay czar of BP's $20 billion relief fund having performed a similar task in 2001 regarding 9/11, has stated that owners of vacation rental properties who have lost income due to the disaster, could receive compensation. Though he has acknowledged that determining whether to pay those who have not suffered direct damage will be a tough matter to reside over.

Can You Afford A Vacation

Real estate has always been a good investment, especially for those who are in it for the long run and can weather the tough times. The upside of a slowing market is that, for the buyer, there are some great deals to be found. With foreclosure deals popping up all over the country, this could be your chance to find your dream vacation home.

If you're thinking of buying a vacation property, you should first be clear about your expectations. Can you afford to maintain the property, or do you expect to rent it out to offset your costs? Do you want to make a profit off the property? It is possible, but it will require some work on your part.

Comfort While Holidaying Lies In Arkansas

There are many reasons that why a person should spend his vacation in Arkansas? Arkansas is regarded as an affordable holiday destination with natural beauty, romantic gateway and much more. It is a unique place to feel the nature by means of scenic mountains beauty. It is good place for shopping antiques, fishing, hiking and digging diamonds and crystal, it has something for everyone. This implies that there are many things to do in Arkansas. But, after such a tiring day where to accommodate? The place of accommodation is a very important factor when you are on a holiday! The place of accommodation must be that which is affordable and also comfortable. And, fortunately these characteristics are present in Arkansas vacation home rental.

Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Home

Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Home   by Jamie Rican

in Travel    (submitted 2006-11-27)

Investing in real estate is today the best means of getting maximum returns from your investment. Real estate has fluctuating rates in different parts of the world. So it is obvious that one should consider investing in real estate where the market is cheap. One of the places where making investments is comparatively cheaper than other parts of the world is none other than a part of Central America; Costa Rica.

When investing in real estate in Costa Rica, it is more profitable to make an investment in a Costa Rica luxury vacation home. With an investment in a Costa Rica luxury vacation home, you stand to profit in more ways in one. With this investment, you not only have a sound investment in real estate that is forever climbing, you get additional benefits from it too. Moreover, compared to most other countries, the rate of real estate in Costa Rica is on the lower side. You can easily buy a three bedroom vacation luxury home for a third of the price in other tourist destinations.

Costa Rica Vacation Home Rental

With the down turn of the economy many coastal developers and realtors have left the coast for the cheaper interior of Costa Rica. The South Pacific zone of Costa Rica is mountainous and lush with vegetation providing endless opportunity for home builders and vacation renters.

"It is a known fact that many people would like to purchase property in Costa Rica but one of their primary concerns is what happens while the place is empty, the second concern is how do I promote my property so it can generate revenue" - says Tierra Verde land developer Michael Holm.

The private secure development Tierra Verde will provide homeowners with worry free piece of mind. People who purchase a home in Tierra Verde as a future retirement home can have their home marketed free of charge on the Costa Rica vacation home rental market for possible revenue generation. People who buy a home in Tierra Verde to live in can live securely and in privacy.